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Updated: Dec 31, 2022

A common practice as a year comes to an end is to make a resolution for the coming year. I challenge you this year to forego making a typical New Year’s Resolution and to instead consider making a yogic resolution, known as SANKALPA.

SANKALPA is a positive declaration or affirmation which can specifically target and begin to shift self-destructive patterns or behaviors that compromise your health and well-being. A typical resolution is often negative in its nature, perhaps the desire to do or not do something and is typically ego driven.

To transform what may be a typical resolution (for example - to stop eating certain foods) into a SANKALPA, you will need to think deeply about WHY you want to create this shift in your patterns and/or behaviors. Then, the WHY behind the resolution to stop eating certain foods becomes the intention/resolve “I want to take care of my body” which then becomes the SANKALPA “I love my body” or “I enjoy perfect health.”

If you are struggling to come up with a personal resolve or SANKALPA, start with something simple like “I am at peace” as the need for inner peace is often the WHY behind many desires.

Guidelines for formulating your personal SANKALPA:

  • short affirmation or positive statement of intent

  • set in the present tense as if it has already come to fruition

  • believable by you

  • joyous in its essence (rather than a negative statement)

  • clear and concise and always stated using the same words

  • unchanged until it comes to fruition

  • repeat often, with feeling, during receptive states of awareness - when you wake, before bed, during yoga class, meditation or Yoga Nidra

Shared by Teresa Torgerson. Teresa is an experienced and passionate yoga teacher who is dedicated to ensuring yoga is inclusive and sustainable for all bodies and minds. You can join her for a beautiful Yin class on Saturdays at 10 am.

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