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The Power of the Pen

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

As I supported a client of mine this morning that is walking the challenging path of her beloved transitioning from this life I felt a strong urge that this technique that I shared with her is an important one for anyone. The pen…or more often for me now the keyboard…has served me for years in getting to the heart of my pain and trauma. The power of writing to explore thoughts and feelings as we are learning to live a more mindful life cannot be ignored. Even if you are not someone that normally “likes” to write it isn’t about being a good writer or saying anything profound in your writing it is simply about giving acknowledgement to the thoughts and emotions that we are experiencing as we walk through this journey of awakening. We cannot ignore those thoughts and emotions as then we are simply pushing them down and putting them in a box only to be opened at some unexpected time in the future. These thoughts and feelings must be seen and in some cases explored. It is within the “seeing” of the thought or the feeling that we are empowered to release and move beyond them. We can begin to see the truth behind what may be causing us pain or fear or anxiety.

The process is simple. When you find yourself in a space that has created resistance in the body or the mind and you feel confused, lost or angry simply write down without judgment what thoughts and feelings are arising for you. Don’t try to change them and make them more positive explore the darkness of the thought or the feeling. You can simply write in your notes section on your phone if you are not in a place to dive deep then re-visit the feeling or emotion when you are in a space for more exploration. Ask the question. What is this feeling or what is this thought? What am I afraid of? What is the worst thing that can happen. Is there anything else? And most important…is this true? Allow all of your fears, doubts and anxieties about any situation to be acknowledged and given credence as they require in a mindful way. If you notice the mind taking you down a rabbit hole of habitual feeling or thinking take 3 deep, cleansing breaths. Utilize the power of the breath to pause the processes of the mind and come back to the now, creating a link to clarity and calm. Remember always come back to the breath. The breath is your anchor to the present moment. As you practice you become more aware, as awareness grows you become more in tune with all that is happening within you. Within this awareness lies your own personal power.

I stand with you in your own exploration of awakening and send love and light on your journey.

Breathe, surrender, trust 💜🙏

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