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The Sacred Doctrine of the Tarot

What are the Tarot cards? Can they really foretell the future?

The origin of the Tarot are so veiled in the mist of time that it is only natural for myths, legends, superstition, flights of fancy and speculation to surround the cards. All of this only deepens the magic and mystery of the Tarot.

The Gypsies say the hidden knowledge of the Tarot came from the libraries of Alexandria in Egypt. Legend has it the Hierophants hid and kept this sacred knowledge and handed it down to the Gypsies to keep the ancient mysteries preserved. To preserve the secrecy of these messages and symbols, they were reproduced on innocuous cards, games of chance, where frivolous individuals could not possibly decipher their true significance.

The Tarot is a symbolic record of human experience. Through deeply rooted mystic powers, the cards accomplish miracles of psychological insight, wisdom, counsel and accurate divination.

Within the Tarot are sacred meditations and symbols to develop the mind and purify the imagination. These keys represent the symbolic Powers of Consciousness for the transmutation of personality and the attainment of Union with God.

These meditations are of the Major Arcana Tarot Keys

Shall we let the game begin:

The Fool- represents all of us my unfinished work” . It is the key to the whole philosophy of good and evil running through these meditations.




A free spirit

Here is the Symbol for THE FOOL: ALEPH - pronounced awlef

Meditate on the word (ALEPH) and glyph (symbol) for a month; see what mysteries begin to unfold.......

Next month The Magician will be introduced with its name, message and symbol.

Shared by Janene (Teg Ravi Kaur). Janene is an accomplished Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, and Sound Healer. She practices a combination of Usui, Kundalini, Ananda, and Shamanic healing. Her mission is to share the tools she has learned from her training with others so that they too can tap into their infinite potential and well-being.

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