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The Story

It is always the story. It is the story that keeps the worry, anxiety, distrust alive and well. It is the play that is happening within the mind that keeps you in a place of fear. In this moment all is well. Today there is enough. Right now I am well. When things arise illness, disease, lack it is simply a reflection of the story that is within, it is a manifestation of the story within. It is the result of the fear, anxiety and stress that is being created within the story of the mind. It is the framework of our society that is keeping us sick, disconnected and fearful. It is the narrative of the collective that is creating the disease, the worry, the fear and the anxiety. It is the story that tells you that you have to do more, you have to be more and it is at all your responsibility.

Just be. Each and every day just be. When you are called into action act. When you are called into being be. Listen. Each day listen a little deeper a little more, fall deeper into a surrendered state of being. This does not mean no action, this does not mean that you are not doing in this world, this means you are listening and you are allowing it all to unfold within and around you. When you fall into the story that you have to be creating each day to draw people in recognize that it is a story. Even if you never did another thing marketing you would draw those to you that are called. It is far more important to create space for stillness and silence and call out within the quiet of your own heart. It is a story within the society that you must be involved in social media to get your message out there. That doesn’t mean don’t do it, it just means remain unattached. As soon as you feel as though you are supposed to be doing something you have gotten off track. As soon as it feels as though it is a chore, you have lost your way. Simply be with all of it. Do when you are called to do…when you feel static or resistance back away and get quiet once again. These are interesting times that your world finds itself. It if far better to sit back and observe rather than trying to figure out what to do.

Allow. You have nothing to concern yourself with. Your mantra…today there is more than enough. There is more than enough food, there is more than enough shelter, there is more than enough love, there are more than enough people. You have everything you require. Anything else is a lie. It is a story within the mind created to keep you bound. This is a work, this is a practice that does not stop simply because you have awakened to the truth of it. This world is heavy, energetically heavy, constantly trying to pull you back into the sphere of “reality”, the overwhelming pull of what the majority of minds think to be true. This path is yours and yours alone. In many ways you are alone, in many ways you are not.

Protect yourself. Continue to protect yourself and allow. It is easy to get caught up and feel as though you are supposed to be doing something. That is not true. You do what you feel called strongly to do when you feel called to do it. There is no time frame, there is no need. There simply is living in this moment. Nothing else. Your strength comes from this knowing. Simply pray. For others. For humanity. For earth. Prayer is truly all that you are able to do…action is constantly faced with counter action in this world, prayer rises above the realms of this world and lifts it into the dimension of love. So few can understand, even those closest to you. Stay strong, I feel like I am being hit day by day…story. I feel like I am weak…story. I feel like I don’t know the truth…story. I feel like I have no control…story. You have control over your own reality in the realm of control over your own breath…you have control over your own reality as you have free will with how you spend your time and your energy. It is your realm, it is your reality, it is your perception just as it is his and hers and his and hers. We allow ourselves to become intermingled within the others story and forget our truth. Stay centered and grounded in the right now, the heart centered now in this moment all is well. His story is not your story, his reality is not your reality yet you can co-exist and be together. In this world, not of this world.

You never have to do anything. You never have to do another video or another post…only do what you want to do and when you want to do it. There is no expectation and there is not some universal need that is calling you forth. That is a story. Choose to do what you choose to do, have others choose to do what they choose to do. Live and let live. If it feels easy allow it to flow, if there is resistance let it go. What about breaking through resistance to expand? It is different, resistance within yourself and your ability to look at yourself for breakthrough is different from resistance to sharing what you are experiencing and understanding. Ultimately it is always your journey, what you choose to share with humanity about that journey is not some sort of a breakthrough as the thought that it is needed is a story. It will be what it will be, if you do it it will help, if you don’t do it it will not harm. It is neutral. You can release your attachment to what you think you have to do to somehow save humanity. That is a collective job and in your part you just keep doing what you are doing and you are helping. Even if you never do another post or share another video or do another healing. You already experienced this truth. Now as you get into the world and the business of healing you begin to fall back into the story of society. You already know better than that.

Release…release…release and do if you want to do. If you do not release your attachment to what it will produce you will simply cause yourself more pain and suffering. When you fully release what you think you are supposed to be doing you will no longer feel a connection to what anyone else is doing and feel as though you are supposed to be doing it too. These ideas and inspirations that you receive are beautiful possibilities if you want to do it, the world is completely open to you, however if you are attached to any of it you will simply create more pain and suffering for yourself. You will find yourself back in the the habit of comparison. Release…release…release. Do what you are called to do each day. Allow each morning to just be what it is, without an agenda. Yes, you have have projects to complete and you will have timelines as you are an active member of society, release your attachment to those timelines, simply allow it to flow forth and it will come about in divine timing. Keep practicing my dear heart, keep moving forward in faith, you are well, you are loved, there is plenty and you have everything that is required, continue to move forward in faith and hold that faith for your loved ones as they continue to awaken to their own truth. They have it within just as you have it within, trust.

All is well.

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