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The Yoga of Self-Ascension-The Es-see-nah Practice of the 17

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

The Yoga of Self-Ascension- The Lost Books of the Essene

A Series of Twelve Energy Transmissions-A clip From Message Seven-

The Es-see-nah Practice of the 17

In the time of the Es-see-nah, 17 years of your lifetime, once within an Essene community, would be spent on conscious verbalization. And, until every word could be offered with joyous upliftment for all and for the self, a word would not be spoken. So, there was much silence until you can practice.

And so, we encourage you to practice, to smile, to understand…Reverent Upliftment. You Are Reverent Upliftment. And as that, all the lightbulbs illuminate, and you are illuminated.

Your world now has come forward so fast you do not need 17 years. You could do this in 17 seconds if you choose. 17 months if you want. 17 years if you think you really need it. It is okay. We invite you in this moment to take 17 seconds and anchor the gift.

We invite you to bring hand on heart, if you so desire, and with your hand on heart, you may wish to close eyes and we are simply counting seventeen. And as we count seventeen, visualize your life where every word said to you, every word said from you, supports love in all of its expressions.

Here we go. 1234567891011121314151617.


How were those 17? Yes. And if your mind sought to control the seventeen, then you smile, knowing you can always do it again.

And to end with a breath of Es-see-nah will reconnect you to ancient temples of wisdom that exist within you…will reveal the books of knowledge you are ready to bring forward again, will bring forward the gift of Divine intuition without doubt. Seventeen, Beloved Ones, is all it takes, 17 conscious breaths. You can do this yourself.

You may want to get 17 little beads on a string…17 little beads on string. You might want to wear them on your wrist or carry them with you, and you breathe each bead, as with each bead you feel.

All words are just. All words are positive, those I receive, those I share.

Shared by Leslie Watts. Leslie has extensive knowledge in spirituality and wellness. You can experience her work at Pilates Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30am or dive deeper into her offerings of Medical Intuition or Ascended Numerology.

2009, The Temple of Self-AscensionTM All Rights Reserved

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