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Tips For Mindfulness

Here is bit about mindfulness as promised :)

A lot of people will ask what the difference is between meditation and mindfulness and technically there is no difference, mindfulness is a practice of meditation. There are many practices of meditation and this one is the one that resonated with me the most. I would encourage you if you are curious to explore other meditation practices to see what may work best for you. Mindfulness is simply building awareness to pay attention to the present moment without judgement. It is incredibly helpful and simple to incorporate into your daily life and works very well in conjunction with the energy healing.

I have included here a link to my favorite mindfulness app...I have been using it for many years and it continues to be a part of my practice. I simply use the free timer on this app, there are some paid options however if you want to dive deeper. What I love about the timer is that every so often there is a chime that will draw you back and you remember to focus on breathing. There is even a guided option if that resonates with you.

The first mindfulness practice to begin with is Mindful Breathing. Very simple and easy to master. The focus is placed on knowing that you are breathing in and knowing that you are breathing out. Find a comfortable place to sit or to lie down and allow the eyes to close. As you inhale silently say to yourself "I know that I am breathing in" as you exhale "I know that I am breathing out". You can shorten this if you like to simply be "In" & "Out". Decide how long you will practice and set the mindfulness timer. Each time that your mind it most certainly will...gently and lovingly come back to the breath and the mantra.

If you are new to meditation or short on time just do 5 minutes to start. If possible do it twice a day. Training the mind to live in the present moment is a practice. Just as building a muscle in your body, you are building the muscle of attention. This may seem simplistic in nature, however I have found the more simple something is for our practice, the easier it is to master and ultimately will provide us with the most benefit in our lives. It is my hope for you that these practices will create a long-lasting positive effect in your lives just as they have for me!!

Many blessings 🙏

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