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Vegan Sweet Potato Bake

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Gathering together to share our favorite foods with family and friends is a beautiful expression of love and gratitude on Thanksgiving. Heather has shared one of her family’s favorite vegan recipes. Her recipe, as with many recipes that we make year after year, is not so much of an exact science any longer. It becomes something we hold in our hearts and our memories. Enjoy making this your own, adding a dash of this or that to suit your tastes and of course a large scoop of love and gratitude!

Vegan Sweet Potato Bake


Sweet potatoes

1/2 C Earth balance butter (or vegan butter of choice)

1/2 C Plant milk (plain)

1/2 C Brown sugar

1 Tbs Vanilla extract

1 bag Dandies mini vegan marshmallows


Cook potatoes in oven 425 degrees for an hour. Take out and let cool.

Peel skin off. Place in bowl and mash until creamy.

Add vegan butter, plant milk, brown sugar, and vanilla extract. Mix well until creamy.

Place in casserole dish and cook till warm. Place mini dandies vegan marshmallows on top and cook until lightly browned.

Ingredients can be altered to taste.


Shared by Heather Aroesty. Heather, a gifted teacher, shares her love for yoga by offering classes focused on mind, body and soul. Join her for Healing Yin or experience the many benefits of pranayama in her Healing Breath class.

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