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Voices From Beyond, a Horse Story by Joey Joseph

April 7, 2021

I have always had a strong intuition for bringing through messages. It is not something I asked to do. I am not a medium. I have a knowing and I hear messages inside me. I learned through my feeling when it is a message that is outside my realm. In addition to bringing through messages for humans, In 2005 I began to “hear” horses after we had our first horse. I have studied and practiced many healing modalities and developed my spiritual senses. I tested the theory until I began to know that I was indeed communicating the need of the horse. This is one of my favorite connections. It brings peace to them as soon as they know they are “heard”.

This last year I turned off the communication as it can be challenging and I wanted to focus on my own path.

People can take advantage of you and it was up to me to change the dynamics. It a difficult choice when it comes easily for me, yet it began to feel hurtful and disrespectful. This has been an ongoing lesson for me.

I made new boundaries and kept my head down. One of the boarders asked me about her horse. I told her ‘I don’t know”. I haven’t tuned in. What do you think, he’s your ride! She continued, I said casually, you are welcome to schedule a session!

I do this off and on. When I am worn out I back off. When I feel balanced I share. It is a responsibility that I do not take lightly. When I get a message I will not be left alone until I deliver it. This is a gift for myself and those involved. Sometimes I get angry and tell them to “Go Away” Depending on the situation sometimes it can work!!

There was a very sick horse in our stable. I would listen to her when no one was around. She told me 2 weeks before she left she wanted to go “home”. I waited to decide if I needed to tell the owner. I chose to share what I heard. the owner was struggling with the decision to end things. They were both suffering and the community had a lot of opinions. The horse lay there one morning and I looked into her eyes, I saw deep compassion, understanding and light. I knew that would be the day and it was. She crossed over into the light and she was freed from the pain of the body.

The owner of the stable was the original owner and breeder of this horse and sold her years ago. She returned with the new owner in need of TLC I had the distinct impression she came back to where she was born to die. The horse was given round the clock care by the original owner and the current one. The energy in the stable was difficult and I sensed the first owner having a difficult time letting go she shared with me she was reminding herself she was no longer in charge. Yes, but her heart!

After the horses passing the energy lifted and noticed a new light in the stable owner, she is my riding instructor and a friend.

The other day after riding lesson I went into the tack room and I felt the horse that passed and heard a message. It was as if she was standing next to me it was so strong. I stopped and texted the owner what the horse communicated.

Then I felt another message, to the owner. She was in the stable doing chores and I decided to text her the message instead of telling her. She texted back, is she here? After I walked up to her she shared that she felt something behind her as she walked through the breezeway and thought it was me behind her. She looked and knew she felt the horse. She was so grateful for the message and the confirmation. She asked me some pertinent questions. When she herself transitioned would the horse meet her at the bridge or the other owner? I thought about it a while. I wasn’t sure. then I knew, she always wanted to be with the one who birthed her. she adapted to her circumstance with the new owner, yet longed to come back home. I told her no guilt was needed as this is the path life is. We go where we are guided as life and circumstances change. Horses have long memories and know what they want and need. Horsemanship is evolving and as we let go of the need to possess and know we are their guardians and they have a path and a purpose. As we deepen the connection within us, we discover new ways of relating to horses we begin a new path of freedom. Heart centered choices transcends the ego opening up to letting go and allowing them to be where they belong so they may thrive and live their highest potential!

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