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What Does it Mean to Be a Shaman?

I recently had someone contact me in regards to a shaman. I listened to her and she was asking if I could help her friend who had “attachments”. I spoke with her for a while and at the end of the conversation she asked me, are you a Shaman? I replied, I do not claim that title for myself, I was taught by my master teacher that in indigenous culture one does not claim the title Shaman; it is awarded by others in respect of the healing received. I know this to be true, in my heart.

There are many styles of Shamans who have studied and performed the tasks a shaman performs. All of us are at different levels. I respect all levels of this work.

I speak only to the work I have experienced and performed. In coming into this work I became reverent of the Earth and its medicines. A person with shamanistic qualities views all life as an interconnection and knows the powers of the spirit in all living things.

When I began journeying I realized I was a bridge to other worlds. That is what a shaman is, an intermediary. The shamanic journey creates an entrance into the void or what is called the great mystery to discover and develop relationships with spirits for healing. I have done such journeys. I found my way through these worlds and discovered and developed relationships I have come to rely on.

I have made many visits to the spirit world. I went to meet and find my spirit guides. I have met animal guides and I have spirit guides who help me when I visit these realms. I have journeyed for many reasons. I have often in my life felt a deep sense of loneliness. After I learned to journey it relieved some of that feeling while giving me a sense that I belonged to something greater than myself.

All paths are unique and we all offer different signature work. It is up to each person to discover and develop that as part of our service. As I learned to access theses worlds through the journey I connected with guidance showing me the way to honor my path as they “see” in ways I did not, and helped me to draw upon these inherent talents, They gave me strength and faith in who I was becoming.

I have made many journeys to those worlds to “find” myself. I am greeted with the beauty of a loving spiritual connection. I am often renewed by the awareness that I do nothing alone, and each time I am reminded of my unity and a feeling of a deep sense of spiritual community that serves with unconditional love and giving.

Suffering has been my greatest teacher. Pain is a beautiful journey of awakening, a way to discover the inner shaman, my inner healer who awakens through the pain of growth!

It is said a shaman is born out of her/his own suffering. As we go deep into the womb of the Earth we die the shaman’s death entering that darkness to be reborn into the light of awakening.

All beings possess this power and ability that lies dormant within us until the moment we realize we have always been able to transcend, to heal, to overcome. Every person knows how to journey. Ceremony and ritual is inherent in the cells and in our bones. We naturally respond to ceremony; it is something we know. In these modern times we are re-awakening to these ancient tools to transcend the realms and bring heaven to earth. Each of us know how to gather together to bear witness to one another, to honor to listen and to heal in ritual. Its happening every where, it is happening here in our space community!

One of the many benefits of learning to journey is I began to understand the deeper meaning of how spirit speaks in metaphor and symbols. It was something that evolved through the work. I experienced it as a map to my journey. Things would cross my path and aha! Ok I get it!! Spirit is communicating to me through these symbols.

To learn to “see” through the veil, the invisible world that binds all life, to look beyond what the naked eye sees, that is the inner call of an ancient medicine that lives in us all.

What I have experienced gave me confidence and the strength to do the work I was born to do. I need my spiritual team as much as I need air. Words diminish the gratitude I feel in my heart for the journey I am on.

I know now that every experience leads me to what lies in my heart, and my spirit guides assisted me with my personal evolution. I chose this to serve and to honor and respect the gifts they share with me, with the deepest reverence and respect, I continue on to share this tool with those ready to develop these relationships with their spirit partners.

I am honored and happy when people find there way to discover the compassionate beings that await them!

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