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What's Blooming from your Unconscious?

Updated: Mar 18

Spring is a time of renewal and growth. The blooming flowers remind me of the seeds I’ve been planting in my life. All winter, I’ve been tending my inner garden, carefully weeding out all that no longer resonates with me. I’ve let go of old stories, beliefs, and anger to come back to my true essence before I plant my seeds. I’ve been preparing my inner garden, so I create from a place of neutrality instead of from old unhealthy stories. Releasing all that old energy is so refreshing—I feel so much lighter and excited to see my dreams grow.

You can do a lot of your own inner weeding by becoming conscious of your patterns. What are the repeating thoughts in your head? Where did they come from? Is it an old childhood pattern or story? Sometimes it’s as simple as reminding yourself, “I’m not going to have that negative thought anymore.” Once it comes to light and you understand it, it cannot hold the same power over you it once did.

Shamanic guidance can help give you a jump start on cleaning up your inner garden. We often have unconsciously planted these seeds from our disempowering stories. We want to clear those energies so that they can’t keep playing out in our reality. We don’t want our unconscious to rule the show but rather be a conscious creator of our world. I can help you clear the terrain and plant the seeds that you want to bloom.

Heather Knies

Heather is a student of the Andean tradition and a mesa carrier. She is a certified shamanic practitioner trained by Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society. She is also one of Sandra Ingerman’s practitioners and teachers. She has trained in such modalities as Chios, Compassionate Depossession, Curse unraveling, Core Shamanism, Energy medicine, Reiki and Shamanic Reiki. You can work with Heather on her 8 Weeks to Empowerment starting April 6th.

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