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Working With Spirit

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

There are some people that know from very early on in life that they are touched and they are able to see or hear or experience spirit, angels, guides, God…however you would like to refer to that which is beyond ourselves and our everyday reality. I was not one of those people. I had an interest in other-worldly things from an early time but I certainly would not have described myself as psychic or probably even intuitive at the time. As I continued to be pulled into the realm of spiritual work I kept feeling this pull deeper and deeper towards the unknown. When I stepped into the world of energy healing in the form of Reiki, it tapped into a part of myself and a part of this Universe that I didn’t really understand.

Universal Life Force Energy.

I have always walked this interesting line between being a bit pragmatic in my mind and a free wheeling hippy at heart. Because of this dichotomy within myself this whole notion of a field of energy that we cannot see or touch but we can tap into and utilize for a whole host of benefits struck me and I traveled into this work as a bit of a skeptic.

I needed proof. And I was given proof again and again. So I began my journey into working with and in Spirit.

This is the struggle. This is what we come against as Spiritual Beings having a human experience. Our heart…our soul is guiding and directing in one way and our mind..this world is guiding and directing in another.

I wouldn’t say that the journey of learning that we are spiritual beings that have boundless knowing, power and connection to all is an easy journey. But it is the journey that we are all on. Everyone has a different path and the different sets of belief patterns, and habits and traumas are vast. But it is the same. It is the veil that keeps us from remembering.

We are all, everyone one of us, in this together. We are all, everyone of us, moving towards awakening. It doesn’t matter if you are someone that has known from a very early time that there is something more or you are someone that felt something unexplainable or you are someone that has no idea what I am talking about. It is the same…it is simply varying degrees of awakening.

As you walk your own unique path towards awakening know that you are surrounded. You are surrounded by other-worldly beings guiding you and cheering you on. That still small voice within comes from the place beyond. It is ultimately you because it is all you, but it may seem as though the wisdom is far greater that your own capacity for knowing. All things are connected and all things are One so there can be no separation between you and what you cannot explain or touch or see. You can only feel.

This is the work of Spirit. Moving beyond the thinking mind and fully into the feeling center. Learning to surrender and trust that you are not alone. There is an entire loving Universe walking with you.

I have come to an understanding in my life that has given me a sense of freedom that is difficult to put into words. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. Everything…everything is working towards your highest good. Even those things that don’t look very good or even feel very good are still there for your growth and development as a spiritual being.

As you come back to silence and space again and again, that small voice within becomes more pronounced, more certain, more clear. As you pay more attention that voice is no longer small but intertwined with your own voice and you are then working in the realm of spirit with spirit.

We all have the capability and the gifting to work in this realm of spirit, the journey to remembering this is just a bit different and possibly a bit longer than some others. It does not however change the fact that ultimately at the heart of all that is…we are the same. We are brothers and sisters and we are in this together.

All my love.

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