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Yin Massage

Yin Massage is a qigong technique that soothes the nervous system, calms the heart, and smooths our chi (our energy).

Sync your breath and allow your mind to follow the movements. Let your mind and breath to be soothed by the smooth, slow, repetitive and rhythmic movements.

I love taking this practice outside and connecting with the natural healing energy of Mother Earth. Take your shoes off, plant your feet in the dirt, close your eyes, and receive.

Sending so much love and light to each of you.

Yin Massage Steps:

1. Hands behind neck

2. Flow them to the front of the neck and stroke your neck a few times (tilt head back if it feels ok)

3. Backs of the hands together, slide them down the center of your heart

4. Flow hands to lower back, rub your kidneys with your palms a few times

5. With your palms, flow hands down outside of legs (keep a slight bend in the knees) and sweep the earth below, drawing up healing energy

6. Flow palms up the inside of your legs

7. Hands circle around belly a few times (in a clockwise motion)

8. Glide hands up and to opposite shoulders, trace down opposite arms

9. Swivel hands at the wrist like a flower opening (I like to open my hands into Lotus Mudra)

10. Glide hands back up over the head and down neck

*Repeat at least 3 times (or until you feel complete and calm in mind and body)

Shared by Jenny Chaney. Jenny is passionate about sharing her love of yoga with her students. Her beautiful energy inspires her students to move, flow and play in a way that benefits mind, body and soul. You can join her for a Healing Flow class Saturdays at 8:30am.

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