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The Space For Rent

Are You a Facilitator with your own group looking for a warm and inviting space to host?  We are available to help :)

The Space Center for Well-Being loves to support other facilitators with their passion.  We have 3 spaces available to share your gifts.  All 3 Spaces are intimate and unique. 


Our largest room is our Community Space, this room has everything you will need to host your group including blankets, meditation chairs, sound bowls, gong and any yoga props you may require.   This space can accommodate 10-20 people depending on your needs.  We recommend no more than 10-12 for an active moving class, if it is more of a meditation class or lying down you could comfortably fit 16-18.  For a group that doesn't mind to be close 20-22.  


sound bath
healing center
empty space for rent

The heart of our center is our Clarity Space, this room holds a special place for us as this was our first room and holds the grounding energy for our community.  This is a very intimate space and has been referred to by many as "the womb".  This room can only be used for up to 8 people and also has mats, blankets & meditation chairs to assist in comfort for your group.  


meditation room
sound bath with gong
connection space
space for rent

Invite your group into our space and have access to all accompanying props at a rental rate of $44/hour with a minimum of 2 hours.  We would be happy to help support your event by announcing to our community in our newsletter.  In an effort to ensure that we maintain alignment with our offerings and energetic partnerships we would love to know more about you.  Please fill out the form below and someone from the Space Family will be in touch ASAP. 


Much Love & Many Blessings!


Our newest room is our Connection Space, this room has 2 spaces to be used.  One has a living room feel where you are able to commune with like-hearted people and the other space is what we lovingly call our ANGEL SPACE.  You will understand why when you feel it.  This space can be used as a leisure space to connect in conversation or sharing of ideas and a small group meditation space.  This space is always perfect for 1:1 work.


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