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Heather Knies

Sacred Tree Shamanic Guidance

Who can shamanic guidance empower?

Anyone who is ready for change in their life.

The sessions may serve as a catalyst to your well being. However, you must be willing to take an active part in your journey so that you do not fall back into old patterns. 

The sessions can help with addictions, ancestral issues, anger, anxiety, boundaries, bringing out your voice, creative blocks, depression, emotional overload, exploring your gifts, feeling stuck, grief, illness, relationship issues, trauma, transitions in life, womb healing, a need for guidance, and so much more!

The goal is to help you work through layers—energetically and emotionally—to access the root of an issue that is keeping you stuck in patterns. We will bring into your awareness and move out the stagnant energy of unhealthy stories, unprocessed emotions and outdated beliefs. Processing and integrating these layers can help shift your consciousness to bring balance. 

If you would like a complimentary discovery call please email us

What is Shamanism?
  Shamanism is a spiritual, nature-based practice that has been around for thousands of years. Nearly every ancient culture has their own version with many commonalities. The shamanic practitioner works in tandem with many different energies during a session. They are able to do this because they recognize the spirit in all and know that we are all interconnected. They can communicate with Mother Earth to learn from and revitalize the client with her energies. They work with spirit guides in the unseen realm and act as a bridge between the worlds to gain insights from these perspectives. With these shamanic perspectives, they know that illness and perceived undesirable life situations are more than meets the eye. They perform ceremonies—like the shamanic journey—in which their state of consciousness is altered to enable them to gain access to non-ordinary reality. Shamans channel wisdom and expansive energies that can help restore balance and power to many situations.

As a Non-Profit we are committed to providing services to those that find themselves in financial need through our Tiered Pricing Structure.  We have 2 levels of Donor Supported discounts available and we work on the honor system with this program. 


Tier 1 is for those that find themselves in temporary or minor financial assistance.

Use discount code TIER-1 to receive 20% off of your service.  

Tier 2 is for those that find themselves in need of more substantial financial assistance.

Use discount code Tier-2 to receive 40% off of your service.

healing circle

CLIENT Love...

“Strong knowledge and wisdom, shared from Heather has brought inspirational actions for me. Giving me courage to open myself to truth. Her service is with truth and love.”

- K.B.

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